Overwintering Birds

In this episode, we learn from John Loegering, University of Minnesota Extension Wildlife Specialist, about how birds survive and thrive in cold Minnesota winters.
How are overwintering birds able to survive and even thrive in Minnesota's cold temperatures? In this episode, we talk with John Loegering, Extension wildlife specialist and bird ecologist, about bird behavior and adaptations for living in the "deep freeze." You can also download a transcript of this podcast episode.

Learn more about John's research on migratory birds in an earlier episode of the podcast. John also shared additional online resources where you can learn more about birding, overwintering birds and landscaping for birds:

Extension information about winter berries that provide food for wildlife
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources information about bird feeding
, https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/birdfeeding/winter.html
The Minnesota Ornithologists Union
Information about the Audubon Christmas Bird Count
Cornell Lab information about birds and birding
https://www.birds.cornell.edu/home/, https://ebird.org/home
Overwintering Birds
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